The end of a marriage will bring many changes to your life, but for some Arizona families, these changes continue to happen even after the divorce is final. The terms of your custody order may not work for you and your children anymore, but there are ways you may be able to secure the changes you need. 

Securing changes to a custody order is not necessarily an easy process, and there must be valid reasons to seek a change. If you think you need to seek a modification, you might find it beneficial to learn more about valid reasons to take this step.

Seeking an order that suits your family

The ultimate goal of any child custody and visitation order is the full protection of the best interests of the child. If the changes you want to make to a custody plan could be harmful or have a negative impact on the youngest members of your family, the court will not grant it.

Every situation is different, and the court will consider your request as it considers the merit of your case and the possible impact it could have on your child. Some valid reasons why a court will approve a change to a custody order includes the following:

  • There is an emergency, and a modification is the best course of action for the children.
  • A court may consider the wishes of the child if he or she wants an adjustment in the current custody plan.
  • There is evidence that adjusting the custody plan would be in the best interests of the children.

You will not be able to seek a modification if it has been less than a year since the last custody modification. If you believe this is in the best interests of your children and your family, you may find it helpful to fully understand your options and how the modification process works.

The importance of taking the appropriate steps

Even if you and the other parent have a verbal agreement to adjust the terms of your custody order, it is still important to take the appropriate legal steps. Verbal agreements are not legally enforceable, and they could lead to complications in the future if there is ever a disagreement. 

Seeking a modification of a custody order is not a process you have to walk through on your own. You will find it beneficial to have experienced guidance as you deal with all of your family law concerns.

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