If you’re one of many Arizona parents who plan to divorce in 2020, your children’s best interests are no doubt one of your highest priorities. When parents decide to go their separate ways, the decision automatically prompts changes in children’s lives. That doesn’t necessarily mean your decision is going to ruin your children’s lives, however.

In fact, there are several things you can do right from the start to help minimize stress so that you and your kids can move on in life in a healthy, productive manner. By filing for an uncontested divorce, you may notice numerous advantages than if you and your spouse get caught up in a long, drawn-out court battle. Whichever legal path you choose, it’s critical that you know your rights and how to protect them, especially with regards to parenting.

Uncontested versus contested

Your own circumstances might be similar or vastly different from a co-worker’s, friend’s or family member’s experiences who have gone through the divorce process in the past. The following list includes numerous benefits many Arizona couples cite after choosing an uncontested divorce rather than its alternative:

  • You might have trusted confidants who are aware of the basic details surrounding your reasons for divorce and your plans for the future. If you’d prefer to keep your situation as private as possible, an uncontested divorce provides much more of an opportunity to do so than a contested divorce.
  • Most people are at least somewhat concerned about time and money when they divorce. If these issues rank high on your list of priorities, an uncontested divorce would likely be among the best options because it is typically less expensive and takes less time than litigating contested issues.
  • You may no longer want a romantic relationship with your ex, but you understand that you’ll always need to interact as co-parents. An uncontested divorce allows you to amicably negotiate the terms of your own settlement, which often promotes teamwork and less hard feelings as you and your ex move forward in separate lifestyles.

If your children are old enough to clearly understand what’s happening, an uncontested divorce might be more advantageous for them as well, especially regarding coping skills and their ability to process their emotions. Children love both their parents. In a contested divorce, there tends to be a lot of stress and possible contention between spouses, which, in turn, can upset children and make it more difficult for them to come to terms with their circumstances.

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